About Me

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Kendall Roche, B.Sc., Pn1

In 2017, I graduated from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida with a BS in Biology & a Minor in Spanish. 

People tend to ask how I became involved in Nutrition. Maybe I could tell them it was after getting out of a bad relationship where I disliked who I was. Or I could call it “post college life” that made me crave a change. Maybe I could even tell them this story of how I was once an athlete and after 9 knee surgeries, my life was not the same; neither was my body.

The truth is, it wasn’t one event, one issue that pushed me to become a better person; I just knew it was my time to do so.  Working in a Physical Therapy office, I see a variety of people walk through the door. I see sad hearts who cannot travel to the places they love because of their predicament, I see kids with life long injuries that might make some tasks either difficult, some maybe even impossible. 

Seeing this drives me to keep myself as healthy as I can be, staying active and giving my body the nutrients it needs. I love to travel and see as much of the world as possible. This love of adventure drives me to stay as healthy as possible so I can hike a mountain in Spain with ease or walk through the high altitude and inclined streets of Quito without needing to stop every few steps. 

Nutrition and wellness isn’t just for the now; it’s for the future. It’s here to make us stronger when we might need it the most. It’s here so we are able to teach our kids soccer or able to run around in the backyard with them. It’s here to give us strength to do all of the things we’ve ever dreamed about. It’s not about following a strict diet and logging calories. 

It’s about falling in love with food that is good for you, looking forward to that healthy meal because you know how good it’s going to make you feel. It’s about finding your Paradise.