Our Story

Why Paradise Plates?

I guess when I think about the things that make me happy, I tend to call them “paradise”. Even my little house I call home is called Paradise Cabana because it has everything I love; the water, endless sunshine on the good days and sounds of raindrops hitting the deck on the gloomy days. Paradise is whatever makes you feel good, whatever makes you feel whole and happy. It’s never the same thing for any two given people, which I think is special and beautiful. Your paradise is whatever makes you feel like you can fly, the things that make you feel so alive you need to share it with everyone you love.

For me, food is part of that.

It brings people together; family you haven’t seen in a while, or sharing appetizers at the bar on a first date. Maybe it’s catching up with an old friend in the middle of your work day. Food makes everyone happy, no matter who you are. Maybe its pizza; the warm dough and the cheesy goodness that makes any day a little better or  maybe its fruit that’s so sweet you can taste the warm weather oozing out of it. Whichever it may be, food is part of our Paradise. 

It’s feeling we are capable of anything and everything.

Paradise Plates combines both worlds; the love of food and wanting to feel good. It’ showing people that pieces of paradise can exist on our plates and make us feel alive. It’s helping people discover other paradises that they were never aware of; building a community that feeds off of eating good and feeling good. 

Because Paradise is being at peace with yourself and who you are. It’s about loving who you are and feeling good in your skin. It’s about being confident in what you feed your body; what you use to fuel your Paradise. 

And it all starts with the plate in front of you.

Let’s Find Your Paradise.