Eating For Your Skin

When we think of our skin, we trend to focus on our skin products such as face wash, moisturizer, and masks. While having great skin products is an essential part to any good skin care routine, pairing it with a healthy eating habitat will increase the benefits of those products.

What a lot of us don’t practice is eating better for our skin. Ever notice that you tend to break out after eating fast food or your skin doesn’t feel as moisturized as it should? This can be remedied by changing your diet!

Making sure your body is given all the right tools to thrive is important. One of the first things you can focus on is avoiding processed foods. There are many ingredients and chemicals in processed foods that our bodies do not need and are harmful to us. If you notice on some food labels, there is an extensive amount of ingredients and chemicals. The fewer ingredients, the better! 

Make sure you are getting enough servings of fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidants to help fight against free radicals that can cause cell damage and is one of the major contributors to skin-aging.

A phrase that you can often hear is to make sure you “eat the rainbow”. There are various different kinds of fruits and vegetables that can give your body different kinds of vitamins and nutrients. Plants get their specific colors from phytonutrients, which explains why there’s so many colors; there’s so many nutrients! Each color has specific properties to them.

Red: fights cancer & reduces risk of heart disease

Orange & Yellow: immunity boosters & eye health

Green: energizing & detoxifying

Blue & Purple: anti-cancer & anti-aging

White & Brown: strong bones

Through creating this brand and starting to record my recipes for others to follow, I have noticed that I do not always use *precise* measurements. I personally love to cook colorfully and that’s just how I create my meals! I know each plate will be filled with a wealth of vitamins my body needs to stay happy and healthy.

My go to breakfast is usually a shake that’s filled with different frozen fruits and I always add some kale and spinach in there to make sure I’m getting another serving of greens in my meal. I also add flax seed and chai seeds into my smoothies, which are great sources of omega-3s!

Omega-3 acids is something we do not often think about. These fats are not naturally produced in the body so its up to us to make sure we give our body those fats. Fish, such as salmon, is an excellent source of omega-3s. These fatty acids help to regulate oils which helps keep skin moisturized and it also helps with fighting skin aging.

Like omega-3s, Vitamin C is another beneficial antioxidant that our bodies cannot produce. Vitamin C can be found in broccoli, cantaloupe, green or yellow peppers, straw berries, and so much more. It helps your skin’s collagen production, which is in charge of skin’s firmness and smoothness. 

Having more down time means we can finally evaluate what we are eating and listen to how your body and skin react to one another. Just because we are in a pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t be healthy. 

Take this time to put more love and creation into your meals and body.

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